The Wave

Okay, I’m going to charge out the gates here with something that needs to be said. When it comes to the road, THE WAVE IS FUCKING CRUCIAL. Here’s the thing, if you cut me off, yes, I will want to slit your throat. But guess what? A simple little hand motion can change all that. It’s called a wave. It’s magical. It turns scary, where’s that crowbar rage into “it’s cool bro, we all make mistakes.” Just know when you’ve messed up and do me one solid, acknowledge your mistake. Throw that hand up there, pretend you’re sorry and we’re good.

It should be noted that the wave has powers beyond that of the apologetic persuasion. It can be your key out of a bind. If you desperately need to get over, throw that hand out the window. That’s telling whomever’s over there, “I apologize ahead of time, but I’m coming on over and I thank you for your courtesy in allowing me to do so.” You should see me, I’m like a giddy little bitch with my hand. I’ll have that thing out the window so fast. They can’t be mad when you forge your way into their lane-you’ve already apologized AND asked for permission in one fell swoop. And shit, I’ll be planting seeds with these hands. I’ll set up “get-overs” long before it’s time to move. I lock down my shit. I’ll find my victim, make eye contact and throw my hand up in overwhelming appreciation for the samaritan-like act they are forced in to. What are they going to do? They’ve got this toothy blond kid just smiling up a storm with a gracious hand out of his window. They have to let me in. It’s the wave. A road tool more powerful than the horn. The horn is great for punishing those who fail to throw up the wave, but that’s for another post.

The funny thing is, when I see someone who is trying to lock me down with a smile and a wave. You best believe, I’m looking straight ahead. (I can’t see them). Because we all know, that if I turn my head and see that wave, I will have to give in and let them over. Can’t do it, I play to win. Eyes forward.

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