Lamb hops.

Not to be confused with lamb chops. Look at this cute little bastard. Pretty funny, but not as funny as the photographer’s name.

Dick Peters Photography.

2 Responses to “Lamb hops.”

  1. I’m glad my lamb photo and name can put a smile on someones face although its been a while since I’ve been refered to as Dick (as a shortening of my name at least) lol

    Thanks to the person who posted this for putting a link to my website, much appreciated as the copyright notice was removed at some point since this photo started going round the net!

    Thanks again.

  2. Lovely picture!


    All these woollen lambs in the meadows

    shadows of still naked trees

    peace seems to be all around us

    found us finally at ease

    trees give us the needed shadow

    meadow with the lie of peace

    the nice lambs shitting everywhere now

    There! It is springtime! Finally!



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