Baby got back.

Singapore Zoo

Damn girl. Shorty’s working with something.

Stop. Ohhh, now wiggle wit it. Stop. Ohhh, now wiggle wit it.

That beast is front and center and my eyes just won’t let it be. They refuse. It looks like a huge cow nose. Or one of those circular neck pillows that people bring on planes. (The poopy, flesh version that’s been fisted one too many times). I bet when she farts, it just looks like a mouth talking.

Her son with the banana probably lives in it, and just came out to get a banana. When danger is afoot, I imagine he crawls back up inside then peeks his head out to investigate. It’s safe. And roomy. Like a butt Volvo.

Okay wait, now it looks like a pair of boxing gloves hanging from a string…

3 Responses to “Baby got back.”

  1. Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt
    It is so big
    She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends
    Who understands those rap guys
    They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute, ok?
    I mean her butt
    It’s just so big
    I can’t believe it’s so round
    It’s just out there
    I mean, it’s gross
    Look, she’s just so black
    Baby Got Back!

  2. How do you know it’s a girl?

  3. Check out that look in her eye, she is on alert for predators. Clearly the instincts of a mother.

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