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Heroes die. Legends live forever.

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MJ was an icon, but this man, well, he was a true performer…

With manufactured enthusiasm and calculated hand movements, Billy Mays pitched his way into our hearts forever. All you’d ever have to do is flip through a few channels, and there he’d be. Waiting. With a freshly-dyed beard and an ‘exciting new product.’  He was a pitchman through and through. A pitchman who knew only one style—genius. The man was camera-ready in his sleep, and the only cue cards he ever needed resided in his head. (Second takes were just for fun). This hoss could hock stilts to a paraplegic and deflower a virgin with his musk alone. In short, the man was a pro.

Whenever I was feeling down, I knew I could always turn to Mays. He would place his giant thumb over my heart, and simply knead to activate.

To Billy Mays: the best there ever was.


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He’s baaaaaack!

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Too soon?


Emo emu.

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Awwwww. Go bury your head in the ground, pussy, maybe your oppressive parents will go away.

This guy has zero tolerance for failure.

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I love how this psycho tries to play it off and keep dancing.

Nothing to see here.

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Just a deer in a straight jacket watching some tube.


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