The curtains slowly closing as she cries it out at the end. Genius.

I could not have scripted this any better.

Total failure.

4 Responses to “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhahahahahhaaha”

  1. Aw man! That isn’t funny at all! Poor thing. What a jolt this piece delivers. Such a poignant moment of piercing, heart-cut tragic comeuppance – the slapdown we get for trying to shine, spotlit for our one too-brief moment on a too-smooth stage. This clip teaches each of us everything we probably don’t want to know, about ourselves and about each other. I applaud the crowd at the end, for applauding. It’s certain that if I were there, I too would have burst into tears.

    Thank you for sharing this. Some may criticize, some may charge others with insensitivity, but I say we can’t turn our eyes from the pain around us. This enriched my day and resensitized me. It awoke me all the more to the kinship-in-suffering that all we fellow creatures share.

  2. Word.

  3. hey dogimo. your reply cant be longer than the clip. wrap it up.

  4. You’ve no idea, I typed that with ten seconds to spare. I type like a runaway sieve. In a kinder day and age I could’ve gone pro, but the bottom’s dropped out.

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